World Class Audio

How do you like your audio? Big, fat, and juicy? Here are some world class custom made channels that feature Neve 1081 pre-amps, followed by Sontec mastering EQs and finishing up with La3a optical compressors. YUM!!!

Fountain Street Church

Recorded the Hope Heralds at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, MI. During my teenage years I had the pleasure of attending many concerts here including The Moody Blues, The Byrds, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Humble Pie, Spirit, Dave Brubeck, and of course, the inimitable Virgil Fox. I also had an opportunity to play their 5 manual pipe organ!

Neumann U-67 Tube Mic

Take a new Neumann U-87ai, replace the FET electronics with an exact recreation of the Neumann U-67 tube electronics, and you end up with a brand new Neumann U-67 tube mic! Max Kircher in Austria has produced an exact replica of the famous U-67 electronics that reproduces every detail including the tertiary wound B-12 transformer, EF-86 tube, negative feedback circuit, and even exact placement of every component on the circuit board. Its as if you opened a time capsule from 1960 containing a brand new Neumann U-67!. Known for its smooth, silky sound, the U-67 was designed to replace the famous U-47 when Neumann was informed by Telefunken that the VF-14 tube would no longer be available. Eventually, the solid state FET U-87 would replace the highly sought after U-67. The currently produced Neumann U-87ai along with Max’s electronics make this new U-67 tube mic possible. This Neumann U-67 joins our other vintage tube mics here at Fast Trax providing West Michigan’s most comprehensive vintage tube mic collection.

Welcome to our new website!

Fast Trax Recording Studio, a West Michigan recording studio, is proud to introduce a new look and feel on our website. Established in 1986, our website needed updating so this new site should be fast and informative no matter what type of device you are viewing it on. And yes, it’s phone friendly!

Added a Pair of Coles 4038 Mics!

Just arrived from across the pond, a factory matched pair of Coles 4038 ribbon mics! Originally designed by the BBC, these are one of the world’s best known ribbon microphones and are heard on thousands of classic recordings. We’ve got a rather large selection of world class ribbon microphones, but we wanted to add these beauties because they have a British sound all their own.