Vari-Mu 14B Compressor Arrives!

Just added, a brand new Locomotive Audio 14B Vari-Mu tube compressor that will make your vocals sit perfectly in a mix! A state-of-the-art Vari-Mu design inspired by the past from Gates Sta-Level, UA 175B, RCA BA-6A and Collins 26U, this new classic is the best of old and new. It also sounds incredible on instruments such as bass and guitar adding a richness and weight to the sound. We’re excited to have it in our rack next to our other vintage tube gear!

Heiserman H-47Tube arrives!

Added to our ever growing mic collection, the new Heiserman H-47tube! This new mic takes its place beside our original Telefunken U-47 tube mic and offers much of its big bold sound. Certainly a worth successor! We are one of the first studios in the world to receive this amazing microphone.

1956 Hammond B-3 Arrives!

What’s better than a Hammond B-3 and Leslie? TWO Hammond B-3s and Leslies! Added this showroom condition 1956 Hammond B-3 to the collection. It will be hooked up to a PR-40 and 142 Leslie.

MIDI on a Hammond B-3

A company in Bulgaria claims its possilbe to add MIDI output to the bass pedals of a Hammond B-3. We shall see. Time to engineer a 25 note switch assembly.

Left Handed Rollers record live

It was a fun day producing Left Handed Rollers recording a live performance in the studio. No overdubs, no studio tricks, just a great live performance at Fast Trax! Here’s a piece captured with my phone.

It was October 27, 1972…

I was recently asked if I could restore an old analog 2 track live recording of the group “Powerhouse” that was recorded at the Shamrock Lounge on Bridge Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 27, 1972. While no pictures exist of the night that we know of, this recording preserves that night in all its glory. What a great band! It was billed as “Powerhouse featuring Nancy Westbrook” and included Nancy Westbrook on vocals, Jeff Beavans on bass and vocals, Gerald Williams on drums and vocals, Wilton “Mache” Machem on tenor sax, Tim Hackenberger on trumpet, Dave Diefendorf on trombone, and John “Johnny Mac” McDonald on guitar and vocals.

Truth revealed!

New DAC digital to analog converters feature the latest state of the art DUAL SABRE ESS9038 chips providing amazing audio detail like never before!

Hammond B-3 direct out

Testing additional transformers for our legendary Hammond B-3 and 122 Leslie speaker to provide additional direct out options for special effects. Everytime I’m inside the Hammond B-3 organ, I marvel at the incredible electro-mechanical engineering that made all this possible!

New mics arrive!

Purchased three of the new Audio Technica ATM230 mics for tom use. They give our venerable Sennheiser 421’s a run for their money on toms. Big, punchy, warm, and able to isolate well, they are going to find a lot of use here.

New Video Monitors!

Our editing suite gets a new 43 inch 4K monitor custom color profiled, and the control room gets a new 30 inch custom color profiled monitor. Lots more detail, accuracy, and information for mixing, mastering, and editing client photos and videos!

Mic Mod to World Class!

Performed surgery on a pair of Russian mics today. Upgrading some select components made this pair of small diaphram condensers go from really good to world class phenomenal that easily compete with our Neumanns!!!

Analog Nirvana!

Tracking vocals today the old school way! Tube mic into a Neve 1081 into a Urei LA-3 and then over to our Sony MCI JH-24 24 track 2 inch analog tape recorder at 30 inches per second. SSSSMMMMOOOOOOOOTTTTTHHHHH!!!