Neumann U-67 Tube Mic

Take a new Neumann U-87ai, replace the FET electronics with an exact recreation of the Neumann U-67 tube electronics, and you end up with a brand new Neumann U-67 tube mic! Max Kircher in Austria has produced an exact replica of the famous U-67 electronics that reproduces every detail including the tertiary wound B-12 transformer, EF-86 tube, negative feedback circuit, and even exact placement of every component on the circuit board. Its as if you opened a time capsule from 1960 containing a brand new Neumann U-67!. Known for its smooth, silky sound, the U-67 was designed to replace the famous U-47 when Neumann was informed by Telefunken that the VF-14 tube would no longer be available. Eventually, the solid state FET U-87 would replace the highly sought after U-67. The currently produced Neumann U-87ai along with Max’s electronics make this new U-67 tube mic possible. This Neumann U-67 joins our other vintage tube mics here at Fast Trax providing West Michigan’s most comprehensive vintage tube mic collection.