Welcome to Fast Trax
~Multimedia production facility~

From it's humble beginnings in the 1980's as an affordable professionally equipped recording studio, Fast Trax Recording Studio has grown into a full service multimedia production facility unparallelled in the West Michigan area.

Whether you want to record a CD, mix and master a previous recording, edit video or shoot a video for your latest song, author a DVD, schedule a photography shoot for your latest CD cover or poster, have your CD graphics professionally designed, or get a web presence with your own web site with streaming audio and video, Fast Trax can get you there quickly and affordably.

Masters of Media in a
Brave New World

We've entered a new millennium. Today, not just music, but all media is being created and distributed with tools and methods never dreamed of only 20 years ago. It takes talent, skill, artistry, and imagination to distribute your work in this digital age. From recording and mastering a CD, to editing a video and authoring a DVD or designing a website with streaming audio and video, Fast Trax can provide you with the recording, production, design, and distribution you need to get you noticed.

Serving Our Local Community

While serving a nationwide clientele, Fast Trax is also focused on meeting the professional recording needs of our local communities. Artists using Fast Trax Recording Studio come from Grand Rapids, Jenison, Holland, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Grand Haven, Rockford, Lansing, Detroit, and all of West Michigan. Here they find West Michigan's finest collection of select vintage analog gear coupled with the latest digital tools available!


         Fast Trax gives you a full range of services offering the latest in digital processing, highly
         revered classic analog equipment, vintage tube gear, mastering grade studio monitors,
         state-of-the-art digital to analog converters, and the area's largest collection of digital
         effects processors, microphones, and all of the latest plug-ins.

Full Range of Professional Services

Fast Trax provides a full range of professional production services:

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