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Fast Trax Recording Studio offers West Michigan the most comprehensive collection of equipment, services¬† and experience available in the area. From it’s humble beginnings in the 1980’s as an affordable professionally equipped recording studio, Fast Trax Recording Studio has grown into a full service multimedia production facility unparallelled in the West Michigan area. Because of our unsurpassed equipment, experience, and affordable rates, many of our clients consider Fast Trax Recording Studio to be the top recording studio in West Michigan.

While serving a nationwide clientele, Fast Trax is also focused on meeting the professional recording needs of our local communities. Artists using Fast Trax Recording Studio come from Grand Rapids, Jenison, Holland, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Grand Haven, Rockford, Lansing, Detroit, and all of West Michigan. Here they find West Michigan’s finest collection of select vintage analog gear coupled with the latest digital tools available!


Hammond B-3 direct out

Testing additional transformers for our legendary Hammond B-3 and 122 Leslie speaker to provide additional direct out options for special effects. Everytime I’m inside the Hammond B-3 organ, I marvel at the incredible electro-mechanical engineering that made all this possible!

New mics arrive!

Purchased three of the new Audio Technica ATM230 mics for tom use. They give our venerable Sennheiser 421’s a run for their money on toms. Big, punchy, warm, and able to isolate well, they are going to find a lot of use here.